From the Advancement of AI to Sustainability: Crucial Trends for Marketing in 2024


Over the years we have seen changes in the market and in consumer behavior, making it necessary to adjust the way we relate to the public.

It's therefore important to keep an eye on the evolution of marketing and its strategies, while also evaluating trends that could be beneficial to us.

That's why in this article we're going to talk about Marketing trends for 2024!

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The Development of AI and its Applicability to Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is constantly evolving, but in the last decade it has become more functional and more present in our daily lives, bringing a series of benefits to various sectors. This year, marketers are expected to integrate the use of Artificial Intelligence into 3 marketing processes:

1. Ad Optimization:

Through data analysis tools, AI is able to maximize Return on Investment (ROI), optimize ad content and target audiences more effectively.

2. Improving the Consumer Experience:

The AI algorithm is also able to personalize and more specifically recommend content/advertising according to the consumer's profile, browsing history and other data.

The use of Chatbots (Virtual Assistants) and Virtual Reality technologies is also a significant advance in improving the customer experience, since these tools provide immediate assistance to the customer by answering their questions.

3. Content Creation and Creativity

With the adoption of AI, it is already possible to generate (through specific commands that vary depending on the tool) visual content, written content and also generate natural synthetic voices to convert text into speech (Google Cloud Text-to-Speech), making it possible to create audio ads, personalized voice assistants and other auditory experiences.

Platforms such as OwlyWriter AI, Jasper AI, Canva, Runway ML and OpenAI's Opus Clips are leading the way in the content creation revolution.

Marketing professionals are increasingly recognizing the potential of AI to stimulate creative processes, since tools based on artificial intelligence can also suggest creative ideas based on market trends, consumer behavior and other relevant data.

Digital Marketing Strategy, Main Channels for Effective Campaigns and Advertising

The choice of communication channels for a marketing strategy is a crucial decision that directly affects the effectiveness of the campaign. Remember that each channel has its own characteristics, target audience and forms of interaction, and choosing them goes far beyond following trends! However, it is of the utmost importance to monitor how other companies position themselves in the market in order to identify the most effective channels.

Let's see:

  • Instagram and Google continue to be the preferred channels for companies, with Instagram standing out as the most important social network in marketing strategies and companies wanting to include more Reels in their accounts.
  • YouTube has taken second place in preferences, but Tik Tok is the platform that is set to grow the most in terms of investment by companies, due to its viralization capacity and reach.
  • For its part, Whatsapp Business is showing some prominence when it comes to advertising investment. It's also interesting for brands looking for more direct and effective communication with their customers, especially in the case of international audiences, as the platform offers an attractive cost-benefit ratio.
  • Spotify is considered important, but not enough to be included in advertising strategies.

Sustainability: Environmental Awareness in Marketing Strategy

In order to strengthen their image of environmental responsibility, companies tend to adjust and reassess their strategies. This becomes a challenge because of the associated costs and also because of the lack of specialized measurement services.

However, many companies have embraced this trend not only to meet growing global concerns about sustainability, but also because recent studies show that consumers are more likely to support companies that adopt sustainable and ethical practices.

Some actions that have been adopted by large companies:

  • Innovating in the design and development of sustainable products, using recyclable materials and prioritizing durability;
  • Obtain recognized certifications and seals, authenticating their sustainable practices;
  • Communicate transparently about sustainable initiatives and efforts, highlighting how products and processes intend to reduce environmental impacts.

By proactively addressing environmental awareness and consideration, companies not only attract conscious consumers, but also play a crucial role in building a more sustainable future.

Now, these digital marketing trends are just references of what can work in your communication strategy. But knowing them is fundamental to making good choices

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